4 Benefits of Going Organic

4 Benefits of Going Organic

Slowly but surely people are getting wise to the benefits of organic foods and products. So much so that over $50 billion worth of organic food items were sold in 2018 as part of a consistent increase of organic sales in America over the last decade. 

When you take the time to consider all there is to gain from more naturally and ethically produced products, it makes sense that Americans are reconsidering some of the choices they make in grocery stores. Here are just a few examples of how buying organic products can improve not only your health, but the health of the economy and the planet.

Fewer Chemicals - As countless late-night television ads for injury lawyers have likely informed you, there are many chemicals that have gone into household products that were later discovered to cause serious harm to humans. 

Generally, government regulations regarding what is allowed to go into our food keep us safe, but cutting out things like insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers is still a good idea. Organic food is made using only natural ways of preventing pests like crop rotation, hand weeding, and trapping pesky critters that like to get into gardens. People have been growing food for thousands of years without the aid of agricultural chemical companies.

Fresher Food - Since there are many more guidelines on what can go into certified organic foods, the food does not stay fresh as long other foods with preservatives and pesticides. This means that usually the organic food that you are buying was produced closer to where you live and more recently.

Not only does fresh food taste better, it is more nutritious. Whenever you purchase food made by smaller farms, more of the money goes directly to farmers of that community.

Better for the Environment - Remember all of those chemicals that go into producing the vast majority of our food? Well whenever those pesticides and fertilizers are used, they affect everything around the food as well. Whenever it rains, these chemicals become a part of our water supply. 

There are many accounts of these chemicals poisoning nearby wildlife. A chemical called DDT that was popular in the 1940’s nearly wiped out populations of birds of prey like hawks, falcons, and even the bald eagle. 

No Antibiotics or Added Hormones - Another condition that a food product must meet in order to be organic is that it must be free of added hormones and antibiotics. While antibiotics have been useful tools for both doctors and farmers since their discovery, the overuse of them may lead to our demise.

Like us, bacteria are living things that evolve over generations to better fit into their environment. By overusing antibiotics, we are making new super strains of bacteria that are resistant to what used to kill them off.

Added hormones have been shown to increase the risk of cancer in both animals and humans. Trace amounts of these hormones that are often used to make food grow faster end up on our dinner tables in the nonorganic food we buy. By spending a few more dollars on organic products we could be saving ourselves from future health complications.

Nature Plus You uses organic ingredients to ensure that you get the nutrition and great taste that you want without all of the things you didn’t ask for. 

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