Where is the spirulina sourced from?

Our Spirulina is sourced here in the USA and comes from blue-green algae.


Can I mix this in just water? I don’t want to use juice everyday.

Yes, this can be mixed into water. Or you can pick your choice of juice, nut milk, or just toss a scoop into the blender with your favorite smoothie ingredients, which is what we love to do.

Does this contain green tea or caffeine?

No, it does not contain caffeine, green tea or green tea extract.

People keep mentioning a "sweet" taste - prefer unflavored and do not like Stevia. Are the raspberry and grape "flavors" sweetened with anything?

There is no stevia or similar type sweetener in our Super Greens. The raspberry and grape flavors are derived from those fruits. There is a natural sweetness as well from the fruit ingredients and the agave inulin (which is not as sweet as agave nectar, but does add a bit of sweetness).

Is this high in oxylates?

No, it's not high in oxalates. There may be a minimal amount, though generally oxalates are processed out.