4 Small Dietary Changes for a Healthier 2020

4 Small Dietary Changes for a Healthier 2020

With the new year comes a host of resolutions that are related to health. People want to lose weight, exercise more, and eat more nutritious foods. In order to make the resolutions reality, it requires commitment to change and the willpower to stay the course. 

There is no doubt that it can be difficult to adjust to a whole new lifestyle, but here are a few small decisions that you can make that will have a positive impact on your short-term and long-term health.

  1. Run an audit on your diet - We all have a general idea of what we have eaten today, but far fewer people remember what they ate for lunch last Tuesday or how they felt that day. There are apps that do this for you and even break down the nutritional information of the food you ate, letting you know what vitamins and minerals you didn’t get enough of. Beyond this, you can record how you felt that day (energized, bloated, etc.). 

    This is a valuable resource that can really improve the quality of your day-to-day life. You may discover that on days when you didn’t get enough protein, you felt tired. Our on days when you skipped breakfast, you were a bit irritable. This allows you to adjust your diet specific to your own body’s needs.
  1. Replace a meal or snack with a nutritious smoothie - When it comes to having a healthier diet, consuming less calories is not the only factor to consider. According to studies, a majority of Americans are deficient in important vitamins. A great way to ensure that you are getting everything you need is to have a smoothie once a day that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  1. Go Natural - While natural foods can be more expensive than processed foods, the potential health risks that are associated with processed foods are much more expensive in the long run. While switching to natural foods is not a golden ticket to immediately reaching your health goals, you are cutting out a lot of things that can be harmful to your body like excessive sodium and pesticides found on produce. 

    Buying natural foods also helps local farmers and is better for the environment.
  1. Use Probiotics - Something that is rarely considered by many is the fact that our body is an ecosystem for many forms of bacteria. What is considered even less often is what these bacteria do for our bodies. There are slew of benefits that have been related to probiotics such as weight loss, heart health, and even mental health improvement. Nature Plus You offers a Super Green Foods Powder that has a blend of beneficial probiotics as well as several other crucial nutrients. Super Green Foods Powder can be added to any smoothie, juice, or even water for a convenient and nutritious treat.  
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