6 Ways to Stay Energetic All Winter Long

6 Ways to Stay Energetic All Winter Long

Let's take a second to check in. How's this winter treating you? Cold weather, short days, and the stress of cold and flu season make it easy to feel tired and run down. There's nothing wrong with getting a little extra rest this time of year, but that doesn't mean that you have to spend all winter feeling tired and miserable. Here are a few ways to boost your energy and beat those cold weather blues.

Bundle Up: Yes, it's cold out there, but that doesn't mean the sun's not shining. Your body needs that vitamin D, and a little bit of sunlight does wonders for a tired, grouchy mood. As long as the weather allows, try to get out on a fifteen minute walk on your lunch break. Move quickly and you won't even notice it's cold.

Sleep Well: Bears hibernate, so why shouldn't we? Seems logical, but we actually don't need more rest in the winter than we do in the summer. Aim for seven to eight hours a night regardless of the time of year. And skip the snooze button - getting extra sleep in the winter can actually lead to more fatigue.

Let the Sunshine In: When it gets dark out your body produces melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy. If you spend all day indoors and don't get much sunlight, your melatonin production will be high. Hello, sleepiness. Help your body understand when it is and isn't time to sleep by making sure you get plenty of natural light in the day. Open the curtains and stand by a window while you sip your morning smoothie. If possible, try to work in natural light. If all else fails, try a lamp that simulates sunlight to help yourself wake up.

Care for Your Gut: Gut health and energy are deeply linked. If you're feeling sluggish, a greens powder can help. Choose a greens powder that includes probiotics to help balance your gut's microbiome and maximize your energy. A greens powder will also help supplement all those vitamins and minerals you're missing out on while fresh fruits and veg are in short supply.

Watch What You Sip: Winter and hot drinks go hand in hand, but if those drinks contain caffeine or alcohol you may be sabotaging your stamina. Dehydration is more common in winter than you may think, and being even a little low on water can have massive impacts on how you feel. Switch at least one cup of coffee to herbal tea, and work a smoothie into your morning routine to bump up your hydration game. 

Move: Shake off those winter cobwebs and get your body moving. Exercise is energizing and helps your body in so many ways. Can't get outside? No worries - now's the time to experiment with new exercise styles. Try a video on YouTube or check in at the gym. Doesn't have to be fancy: just get yourself going and your energy levels will follow.

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