7 More Unusual Uses for Beet Root Powder

7 More Unusual Uses for Beet Root Powder

What's the best thing about beet root powder? Well, that's debatable. For some it's the health benefits. For others it's how easy it is to throw in a smoothie. For us, though, the best thing about beet powder is how many different ways there are to use it. That's right - here's another group of unusual (and, in our opinion, amazing) uses for your favorite pink powder.

  1. Make Some Cookies: Want to add a little spark to your favorite cookie recipe? Add in a couple of tablespoons of beet root powder. The beets will turn your cookies a lovely pink color while adding a little bit of extra nutrition. Does that mean that chocolate chip cookies are suddenly a health food? Well, no, not really. But that doesn't mean you still can't get a little something good out of your indulgences.

  1. Mix it Into Frosting: Gorgeous pink cupcakes are just a couple tablespoons of beet powder away. Mix a small amount of powder into your favorite frosting recipe to reach a light pink shade naturally. Keep adding bit by bit until you hit your preferred hue. 

  1. Put It On Your Lips: Beet powder's role as a natural dye goes far beyond food. You can also use it as a safer alternative to traditional cosmetics. Creating your own lip gloss and cheek stain is as easy as adding beet powder to coconut oil and shea butter. Check out this recipe for all of the details!

  1. As a PreWorkout: There's no shortage of research out there connecting beets and athletic performance. Here's just one example. Beet powder is an excellent shortcut to full beets - just add a scoop to your favorite smoothie before you work out. You'll go in hydrated and ready to exercise at your best.

  1. Color Your Soap: Calling all crafters! If you're at all into soap making, have we got a hack for you. Adding beet powder to your soaps gives them a beautiful pink color. Even better, it provides your skin with much needed nutrition. Get more info about how you can make this work here!

  1. Whip with Cream Cheese: Beet cream cheese? Sure, why not? Beet powder gives cream cheese a distinct savory flavor. It goes beautifully with bagels, crepes, baguettes, and crackers. It also makes your cheese nice and pink - perfect for those brunch-time bagel buffets. 

  1. Casseroles: When the weather gets cold, there's nothing better than a warm, comforting casserole. Except for a warm, comforting casserole enhanced with beet root powder, that is. Beet's earthy flavor works beautifully with most savory casserole choices. We're a particularly big fan of mixing it in with mashed potatoes for a pink shepherd's pie.  

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