9 Unusual Uses for Beet Powder

9 Unusual Uses for Beet Powder

The verdict is in on beetroot powder. It's a great way to get more nutrients into your diet while improving your cardiovascular function. The question that remains is what's the best way to eat this bright red superfood? The answer: any way you want! If you're looking for a few more ideas, check out some of these uses to get you started.

Add to Pasta Sauce: What's better than a rich, simmering pasta sauce full of vegetables and flavor? A pasta sauce enriched with a scoop of beet powder! Add a little to your sauce the next time you're cooking pasta for extra nutrition and a subtle sweetness. Trust us: your pasta will love it.

Mix with Fruit Sauces: Applesauce isn't just for kids, especially if it has a scoop of beet powder in it. It'll turn your favorite fruit sauce a gorgeous shade of pink while adding extra flavor and nutrients. 

Add to Pancake or Waffle Mix: Who doesn't love a pink pancake? Make breakfast extra special by adding beet powder to your next pancake or waffle. A small scoop of powder will add big nutrition to your next brunch without adversely affecting the taste or texture of your morning meal. 

Add to cake or cupcakes: Take your red velvet to the next level. Sure, cakes and cupcakes may not be "health food" per se, but there's nothing wrong with a little treat now and again. Add beet root powder to your next bake for rich, gorgeous color and a little extra nutrient boost.

Sprinkle into Salad Dressing: Beet powder mixes beautifully with salad dressings, particularly those that are a little on the sweet side. Mix it into your dressing before adding to your salad, or sprinkle it onto your fruits and veg directly. 

Mix with Hummus or Other Dips: Plain hummus can be a little bland. Why not jazz it up with beet root powder? Mix it into your favorite vegetable dip for a slightly different flavor and nutrient profile. Serve with vegetables and pita to dip, or spread it onto a wrap for a healthier alternative to mayonnaise. 

Add to Iced Tea: Add a teaspoon of beet powder to iced tea or other cold drinks. Mix, strain, and serve. You'll end up with a drink that's gorgeously pink, just the right amount of sweet, and chock full of heart healthy nitrates. 

Jazz Up Your Soup: Love soup but not exactly into borscht? Add beetroot powder to your next soup. You'll get all the benefits of a bowl of beets, but without actually, y'know, having to sit and eat a bowl of beets. 

Put it In a Smoothie: Okay, so this one isn't exactly "unusual," but it's such a classic that no list of beetroot powder uses would be complete without it. Throw a spoonful of powder in with your favorite mix of fruits and vegetables, fire up the blender, and enjoy.

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