How Eating your Greens Improves Quality of Life

While moms have been insistent on their reluctant children eating broccoli and spinach for generations, we are still discovering new ways that green vegetables are benefitting our bodies from childhood to our advanced years. Here are some of the health benefits from greens that prove mom knows best.

Retaining Brain Function- As we age, our bodies slow down a bit. Our brains do as well, but we can slow down that decline by eating plenty of greens. A recent neurological study has shown that people who regularly consume greens have a significantly slower rate of cognitive decline than those who do not. After adjusting for factors like lifestyle and education, the green eaters had the memory of someone 11 years younger on average!

Relieving Stress- Many of us live a hectic lifestyle. Whether we are students, employees, parents, or all of the above, there is no doubt that there are plenty of sources of stress in our lives. A natural way to promote a more stable emotional state is to consume more greens. Leafy greens contain vitamin B9 which is also known as folic acid. This vitamin helps the body create dopamine and serotonin which, in turn, regulate your mood when you are feeling stressed.

Strengthening Bones- A sturdy skeletal system is incredibly important, especially as we get older. Most people know about the role of dairy products like milk when it comes to fortifying our bones, but many people are not aware that dark green leafy veggies do the same thing. For vegans or people who are lactose intolerant, consuming greens is even more important.

Balancing Blood Sugar- According to polls, nearly 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes. This makes it really difficult to balance the amount of sugar in their systems leading to some adverse effects on health. By adding greens to your diet, you are making it easier on your body to level out your blood sugar. Whether you are diabetic or not, making your body work more efficiently is always a good idea.

Detoxifying Your Body- Green veggies are green because of a pigment in them called chlorophyll. This pigment is a part of the photosynthesis process for plants, but it also has an amazing effect within the human body. When ingested, chlorophyll attaches itself to toxins like heavy metals that get into our bodies through the air we breathe or food we eat, and then helps transport the toxins out of our bodies. This leads us to feeling better and avoiding chronic illnesses as well. 

How to Get More Greens- The examples above show just a portion of all the health benefits you can receive by increasing your green veggie intake. For some, eating salads is a treat, while for others it is a daunting task. No matter what your stance is on greens, Nature Plus You’s Super Greens Powder is a convenient and tasty way to add the benefits of greens as well as get a healthy dose of probiotics and other important nutrients. 

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