How to Create a Morning Routine

How to Create a Morning Routine

Your morning sets the vibe for the rest of your day. Start it off right and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish. The key to a great morning is a solid routine. Don't settle for rolling out of bed and playing things by ear - use these guidelines to start your day off right every time. 

Wake Up Right: Does the sound of your alarm make you instinctively hit snooze? It's time to rewire your brain. Move your alarm or phone out of arm's reach. When your least favorite sound starts up, get out of bed to turn it off. While you're up and about, move yourself to a place with natural light. It's okay if you just stand there for a few minutes. Let the sun work its magic and your body will start to turn on. 

Stretch: While you're standing in the sunlight waiting for your brain to fire up, work in a stretch or two. No need to do a whole yoga routine, just move in a way that feels good. Lift your arms above your head, circle your neck slowly, bend forward at the waist, or roll out your shoulders. Any type of stretching will get your blood moving and help work out any aches you may have from the night before. 

Connect: Try to connect with someone you care about as you start your day. If you live with a spouse, your family, or a roommate, this can be as simple as saying good morning. If you live alone, try texting a friend or family member. Use this as an opportunity to connect one on one with someone you love, not to scroll through social media. 

Take Time for Breakfast: A simple, nourishing breakfast gives your body what it needs to wake up and get going. No need to get fancy with it (unless that feels good to you). Instead, just try a smoothie with a scoop of greens powder, a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit, or eggs and a slice of sourdough bread.

Reflect: Before you throw yourself out into the busyness of life, take a few minutes to be quiet. Sit with a cup of tea or coffee and think about your day. What are your intentions? What are you grateful for? Write it down. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind, focus on your breathing, and just be. Start your day in a place of calm and peace and you'll carry the feeling with you. 

Think About Your Evenings: The biggest part of your morning routine is what you do the night before. Set yourself up for success by getting to bed on time. Avoid large meals and alcohol before sleeping - they'll keep you from sleeping as deeply as you need. Finally, find a few ways to make your morning easier. Pack a lunch, lay out your clothes, and make sure the kids know where their backpacks are. Take time this evening and you'll have the space you need to start strong tomorrow. 

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