Staying Hydrated Over the Holidays

Staying Hydrated Over the Holidays

Feeling parched this holiday season? There's a reason for that. Between the endless treats, glasses of champagne, and busy schedules the holidays bring, it's no wonder you're having trouble staying hydrated. Try these ideas to keep your water bottle full and your spirits bright. 

Start Strong - Start the day off with a glass of water. Keep a glass or water bottle by your bed and drink before your feet hit the carpet. Follow up with a smoothie for or with breakfast. The fruit and other liquids you'll add will help hydrate you for the day. We love adding a scoop of greens powder to this holiday-inspired smoothie recipe.

Drink Before You Eat - The holidays and sweet treats go hand in hand. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little indulgence, why not use those sweets as a cue to drink? Before you reach for a cookie or slice of pie, drink a glass of water. You'll meet your daily hydration goals more quickly, plus you may find it keeps you from over indulging. 

Rehydrate After Exercise - Keeping up your exercise routine over the holidays? Good. You'll feel less stressed and less likely to overdo it on the sweets. But don't forget to drink up. Even if you're not working up the same sweat you do in the middle of summer, winter exercise can be very dehydrating. Keep your water bottle handy and replenish those fluids no matter what time of year you're working out.

Try a Tea - It's tempting to reach for rich, warm, sugary beverages this time of year. While we love a good cup of hot cocoa, there's a lot to be said for a cuppa tea instead. Mint flavored teas bring on the holiday spirit just as much as a peppermint mocha, with the added benefit of extra hydration.

Remember the One for One Rule - The holidays are a time to celebrate. They're also a time where alcohol tends to flow freely. If you're indulging this season, hydration is especially important. A great rule of thumb is to have eight ounces of water for every serving of alcohol you enjoy. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, you're also much more likely to avoid the hangover that always seems to show up on January 1st.

Make Holiday Infused Water - Love to pull out all the stops for the holidays? Why not make your water festive too? Infusing your water with fruits and herbs keeps things flavorful. Combine your favorite holiday flavors, or use one of these recipes for a little inspiration.

Happy sipping!

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