5 Ways to Boost your Immune System

5 Ways to Boost your Immune System

While we are still in the midst of flu season, people are doing their best to avoid catching a bug and missing time at work or with their families. With these science-backed tips on boosting your immune system, you can improve your chances of avoiding illness and feeling better overall. 

  1. Get your ZZZ’s - We have all been told that we need to get our 8 hours of sleep, but many of us make do with less. Busy schedules, kids, and work are all factors that make it difficult for us to get a full night of sleep on a regular basis.

    Research has shown that whenever we are sleep deprived, our T-cell count goes down. T-cells are in charge of destroying things like viruses when they invade our bodies. This makes getting enough sleep crucial during flu season.

  1. Work out regularly - Besides all of the obvious benefits of routine exercise, working out increases the strength of your immune system as well. This works in many different ways that all impact your immune system positively. 

    Working out raises your body temperature and causes you to breathe more deeply. Both of these things eliminate disease causing bacteria. Increasing your heart rate during exercise also causes your white blood cells, which are responsible for detecting diseases, to circulate through your body faster. This makes it more likely for your immune system to detect and eliminate an illness before you even feel it.

  1. Eat more citrus - Our diets are incredibly related to our immune systems. Citric fruits and green vegetables are both great ways to improve your chances of staying healthy. 

    Some people take vitamin C supplements when they feel an illness coming on. While this likely isn’t hurting anything, researchers are not in agreement about whether or not it is helping. However, if you are regularly getting vitamin C from citrus, you are supplying your immune system with a steady stream of support. 

  1. Socialize - Flu season runs from the start of fall until spring. For people that live in temperate climates, this doesn’t mean much. However, for people who have to endure harsh winters, this means locking yourself up in your home and hibernating until spring. It turns out that this has a negative impact on your immune system.

    Loneliness has been linked to an increase in illness and a shorter life expectancy. On the other hand, studies have shown that socialization improves your body’s ability to fight off disease and potentially lengthen your life. So, get ahold of some friends and make an effort to spend time together. Your immune system will thank you.

  1. Add probiotics to your diet - Probiotics are foods that benefit the colony of good bacteria that lives inside our digestive system. There are several links between gut health and overall health, so adding a probiotic is a great way to give your body’s immune system a boost not only during flu season, but all year long. 

    Nature Plus You’s Super Green Foods powder is a flavorful and convenient way to support your immune system. It contains probiotics and phytonutrients sourced from organic fruits and veggies. Just add some to water or beverage of your choice and help your body fight off illness.
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