7 Ways to Eat More Beets

7 Ways to Eat More Beets

If you're reading this blog you probably already know what the humble beet can do. With its high nutritional content, benefits to athletic performance, and positive impact on almost all of the body's system, it's no wonder you want to get more beets in your diet! But let's be frank: they're not the easiest food to work in sometimes. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get a little more of this fantastic root.

  1. Add Beet Powder to a Smoothie: Like it quick and easy? There's nothing quicker or easier than dropping a scoop of beet powder into your favorite smoothie. You're going to make and drink it anyway, right? No extra mess or cooking: just scoop and go.

  1. Add Roasted Beets to a Salad: Roasted beets on their own are delicious (and easy to make). But add them to a salad? Now we're talking. We love a plate of greens with beets and goat cheese, but there's really no end to what you can do with this concept. Try this recipe.

  1. Sip Some Beet Juice: Beet juice contains many of the benefits of a full beet, but it's much easier to eat, store, and travel with. If you want to keep it super simple, just mix beet powder with water and drink it down. You can also find pre-made beet juices in many stores. If you really want to get the full experience, juice beets yourself. We like adding a couple of carrots in when we're going homemade.

  1. Try a Beet Dip: Beets go perfectly in dips, particularly thicker ones like hummus. We love this recipe because it's easy to put together (just use beet powder instead of breaking down whole beets) and is gluten free and vegan. 

  1. Make Refrigerator Beet Pickles: Do you like pickled cucumbers? Then you're going to LOVE pickled beets. They have just the right amount of flavor and crunch, and they're extremely easy to make. Just cut up your beets, add vinegar and spices, and set them in the fridge. Enjoy any time you'd eat a standard pickle. Check out this recipe for more details.

  1. Bake with Them: Beets are surprisingly easy to bake with and give your baked goods a lovely pink color. Red velvet cake is probably the most famous dessert that can make use of beets, but we're partial to these beetroot brownies.

  1. Roast Up Some Chips: Craving something a little savory? Beet chips are the answer you've been looking for. Easy to make and absolutely delicious, they're a fantastic (and healthy) snack. Try this recipe for a simple way to get started.
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